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=>>All the registered players in the 1 vs 1 tournament add your e-mail address here so you can contact your oponents when you got matches.regards=>>


 Vouch Request x|ActReplic[A].

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Vouch Request x|ActReplic[A]. Empty
PostSubject: Vouch Request x|ActReplic[A].   Vouch Request x|ActReplic[A]. EmptyFri Jul 29, 2011 5:07 am

Personal information (name, age, location, etc). :

Rodeo, 15 , Kuwait.

Your RGC nickname:


Your DotA history (when did you start, where you have played, do u have a clan - link, etc.) .

I started playing dota when I was grade 6, I play Garena, ZypherX Gaming

Are you correctly member of a clan?If you do-link.


Can u play all roles(Ganker/Support/Carry/Semi carry,etc,what role do u prefer the most.)

I play Carry and Ganker. But mostly Carry

Why you want to join DGL?

I want to show my skills to other skilled player and prove I am also the best

Do you know anyone in DGL who could support your req.? If yes, name them.

Nop I dont have contacts

Link to 2-3 replays which shows your skill and which are approving with requirements * (use some replay parser to upload, for ex. link,Please DO NOT POST PUB Replays,We Expect For Cw/Ih/League Replays Otherwise Your Request Will Get Denied*Upload your replays on the correct patch!!.


Also please write 1 or 2 sentences about the replay, where you played it and why u post it in this request. This will spare us alot work.)

1. This game I am the carry . But we thought we gonna lose so I think i'll go with them in clash then we won but we lack of AoE though
2. My 1st try of Akasha in -cm mode game I try my old trick spam poison because we have cm (crystal maiden) btw so np spamming it :> with my brother nerub weaver (x|Michaelz-.-)
3. I never expect I'll go mangix cause I afk to go bathroom for 2mins. I really farm hard to carry my team and win

Is there something else you wanna add?

I play RGC while in x-Fire not in Ventrillo Cause I lag So guys If you have x-fire add me "xdoogiestylex" and you can find me in EU(Public)
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Advertise Mannager
Advertise Mannager

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Vouch Request x|ActReplic[A]. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Vouch Request x|ActReplic[A].   Vouch Request x|ActReplic[A]. EmptyFri Jul 29, 2011 5:35 am

Please do not copy Your DGL vouch request
Post a proper vouch request by the way we ask
!closed go repost
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Vouch Request x|ActReplic[A].
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