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 vouch request CJK

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PostSubject: vouch request CJK   vouch request CJK EmptyWed Aug 10, 2011 9:41 am

1. CJK
2. 22 years old
3. I am playing dota for 2 years now, I started playing with my friends on bn, then i switched to garena and formed our clan TKT , I was the 2nleader of this clan . We played mainly for fun but we have always been not to taken lightly by our opponents, we even archived top3 in one polish dota tournament. In others we were getting eliminated after few wins . My friends are not playing anymore so i search for place to play, maybe find a team ( could be international team) and get better at this game .
4: At the moment my bests are clock and wr .
5: I can play almost every hero, so yes i can carry, support and solo-lane .
6: These are my recent games from RGC(random) : (I made spaces, I cant send links because im new member)
. adotaparser. com/ dota-replay/ 153499 ( i play yug)
. adotaparser. com/ dota-replay/ 153500 (roaming sven)
7: I think of it as an opportunity for me .
8: Yes i know.
9:Im minus_artstajla friends and teammember .
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Advertise Mannager
Advertise Mannager

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PostSubject: Re: vouch request CJK   vouch request CJK EmptyWed Aug 10, 2011 10:12 am

[21:12] #80|St_v): !vouch CJK http://royal-dota.forumotion.com/t295-vouch-request-cjk
cjk is now vouched in this channe
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vouch request CJK
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